We Believe Aberdeen Angus is the perfect breed for the future of the UK beef Industry.

The breed is easy calving. We have found that we need to provide less calving assistance and as a result calf mortality is reduced. Fertility of the Angus breed seems to excellent. We have found that our number of live calves per 100 cows served has risen with Angus cattle.

The modern Angus genetics leave calves with good growth rates. In 2016 our calves grew over 1.4kgs per day from birth to weaning. After weaning the still grew in excess of 1.2kgs per day on a forage based ration.

The cows are very adept at producing good quantity’s of milk from grazing on a forage based ration, this is a superb forage conversion rate. The breed has a lovely Temperament making them great to work with.

Many supermarkets now offer Angus Beef as a premium range. In the long run we feel it is the quality of the meat the breed produces that will define its value. There are two large meat prcessors in the South west that offer a premium for Angus sired beef (In excess of 10% January 2017). Angus carcasses may not quite have the conformation of some of the continental breeds but this is more than made up by the premium price. A 400kg Carcass can realize in the region of 1600 pounds.
Premium price = more profit.


South West Aberdeen Angus Club

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