Our herd is now closed except for the addition of new stock bulls. These bulls will only come from herds with a high health status.

The traits we are looking for in our stock bulls are breed character with good feet and locomotion, gentle temperament. Good full physical stature with a full loin and a good top line. Attention is
also paid to the genetic information (particularly calving ease
and milk figures) but we do not select by figures alone. The
stock bulls are supplemented with AI bulls (DIY ai) used on
heifers and selected cows.

All our cows are farmed commercially. No female over one year old receives any concentrate or grain. They must all be able to pay their own way commercially. We do not run a herd of show cows. There is no reliance on the cake bag at our farm.

The main purpose of the cows is to supply the farm with breeding replacements and provide top quality Angus beef for the farm shop which retails 100 whole carcass a year. We only keep the very best males to sell as breeding bulls, about 10 a year. We hope our bulls will be quiet, easy calving leaving easily fleshed calves with a good retail yield, the female calves should also make great milky dams. All our bulls over 15 months are sold with a certificate of fertility. We want to make sure that our customers receive a good deal and a high quality product.

We hope to be able to have something for everyone, pedigree breeder, beef producer or dairy farmer.

We do like to show at the local agricultural shows but only pick the best from our commercialy run herd, we don’t run a show team all year round.

We are a member of Biobest Herd health scheme. The herd is BVD free and has only had one cow fail a Johnes test in the last three years (one of the commercials). Currently Level 2. We are also a member of the breed performance scheme.

All of our youngstock is reared on a forage based ration. We cut 200 acres of grass silage and 20 acres of forage maize. This is supplemented with 20 acres of feed wheat and a locally sourced protein blend.


South West Aberdeen Angus Club

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